Youths as Drivers

The definition of a youth is not certain as it differs from one country to the other. In Australia, it refers to young Australians between the ages of 12 to 24. It is often a period of transition from childhood to adulthood. The youth population, therefore, covers teenagers, adolescents, and young persons.

It is a stage of discovering oneself, and it’s influenced by several other factors, which include family type and lifestyle, schooling, choice of peers, gender, among other things. A choice made at this stage often affects the future.

The youths are an integral part of society. They are, in fact, elements of nation-building. They possess the power to make the country progress or mar its progress. It is self-evident that there exists a deep connection between the youth population and the nation. They depend on each other for sustenance.

The youths not only influence the interaction between demand and supply but form part of the labour force. Suppose the youths’ dependency ratio is high. In that case, the country will suffer setbacks in its economic development goals, and there will be an increase in government spending resulting in a budget deficit.

They assist in the smooth distribution of all factors of production. Therefore their importance in the economic sector cannot be over-emphasised. In the same vein, they enable the production and effective distribution of goods and services.

The youths are also responsible for the peace and stability of a country. They determine this because they are the most vibrant population. They are also called the future leaders of tomorrow and, therefore, help to recreate a nation. While they are being referred to as instruments of peace-making in society, they could also cause chaos and disorderliness and mar the country’s development process.

Therefore, a country must take good care of its youth population. The following are ways in which the country can prepare its youth for the future and encourage them to be productive:

Encouraging Entrepreneurship Programs

The youths should be encouraged to engage in technical jobs and provide population services. This program should be integrated into the school curriculum. They should also be taught how to use technology to advance their careers under entrepreneurship programs. Finally, the government should set up an assistance fund for entrepreneurs.

Creating Productive Work for Youths

The government should embark on a project directed at recruiting students as at least paid interns in the system.

Engaging the Youths in Agro-Based Industries

There are a lot of opportunities in Agriculture. Engaging the youths would thus boost a green lifestyle and agricultural productivity. It would also ensure food security.

Other options include:

  • Encouraging students to come up with project/ business ideas.
  • Improvement in standard of education.

We at Family First are dedicated to providing help to vulnerable young Australians and tackling issues affecting all young persons in Australia. We advocate for the provision of a solid foundation for youths in Australia. We believe that the training and independence of youths, choice of career, relationship, etc., are important.

Family First advocates the importance of teaching morals and values to our youths from childhood. We believe in the impact of families on the youths.