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Welcome to Family First

– We Believe in the Relevance of the Family as a Core Aspect of National Development.

At Family First, we believe that the strength of a nation lies in the strength of its people. A country’s economic rate is measured by the standard of living of local families. As such, we strive to improve the condition of local families.

Our Concerns

Our activities and concerns cut across the following areas.


Family is the basic and smallest unit of society. A community is made up of a group of families. A family could be large or small, nuclear or extended, or even polygamous. What matters is what it makes of a community. The role of the family in any society cannot be over-emphasised. It tells the kind of societies they live in. Hence, corrupt individuals constitute a corrupt society, and bad people make up a bad community.


Family provides the basic needs of life, which are food, clothing, and of course, shelter. We hold the position of the family in high esteem that Family First has established a housing program that enables families to live comfortably in the home before and after retirement. We help people own their homes and create an environment for peaceful co-existence within and outside the homes.

Our Partners


Schooling is a process any person must go through to receive an education. Education, in every sense, is key and fundamental to the growth and development of the country. It affects the social, economic, and political constitution of any nation, community, state, or country. It also boosts people’s knowledge and understanding to manage their day-to-day activities and improve their standard of living.


The youths not only influence the interaction between demand and supply but form part of the labour force. Suppose the youths’ dependency ratio is high. In that case, the country will suffer setbacks in its economic development goals, and there will be an increase in government spending resulting in a budget deficit. Therefore, a country must take good care of its youth population.

Fight Poverty

As an organisation committed to bettering society through the family unit, we fight poverty, which is one of the hindrances to achieving our goals. A larger part of the world is plagued by hunger and diseases, and you can observe a quick decline in the standard of living of people as the century progresses. At Family First, we reach out to these set of people and do our best in advocating for the alleviation of poverty.


Family First is one of Australia’s organisations strongly advocating for and actively supporting programs that help people build capacity to gain employment to sufficiently meet their basic needs and do more for their family and nation. These employment programs cover skills acquisition, literacy programs, and entrepreneurial skills.

Small Businesses

One of the solutions proffered to alleviate poverty conditions is encouraging and promoting skills acquisition and entrepreneurial programs. The result of encouraging such a solution is the establishment of small-scale businesses. As you might probably found out, small-scale businesses have their contributions to a nation’s economy. In fact, they are a huge determinant of a country’s economic growth.

Climate Change

Our climate refers to the condition of the atmosphere or weather at a given period. Climate is an essential part of our daily life, and it directly affects our skin, health, or sometimes, choice of housing. Climate change has a connection with the poverty level. For instance, many families have become displaced or homeless due to floods. In turn, actions become necessary.