Fostering Employment Opportunities

Family First is one of Australia’s organisations strongly advocating for and actively supporting programs that help people build capacity to gain employment to sufficiently meet their basic needs and do more for their family and nation.

These employment programs cover skills acquisition, literacy programs, and entrepreneurial skills. Family First also seek programs that are keen on ensuring job security, especially for people due for retirement because of old age or ill-health.

The quality of jobs is equivalent to the level of reduction in poverty rate given other factors’ influence. We believe all persons with capabilities and abilities to work should be given free and equal opportunities to earn a livelihood.

Also, many people are victims of bad workplace regulations, which often favour the highly skilled at others’ expense. For instance, the youths are an integral part of any nation and a tool for building and development. They also form a larger percentage of the labour force; hence they must be encouraged to take on as many jobs as possible.

The productivity level of a nation’s youth population is integral to the country’s economic growth. For instance, if more youths are out of jobs, the dependency ratio will increase, and it spells doom for the country’s budget value.

Family First considers discrimination at the workplace, an even greater crime committed against humanity. Many people are out of jobs or unemployed due to the most basic of reasons. For instance, entry of jobs is built up with lots of meaningless barriers (such as looks, connections, etc.) We implore all employers to desist from discriminating based on these criteria to create a more inclusive Australia.

More importantly, people living with disabilities are highly disadvantaged and, in most cases, suffer multiple forms of discrimination. People living with disabilities in Australia often experience one or more of the following:

  • Poor attention during and after the recruitment process. Often, people living with disabilities are ignored and belittled.
  • Poor treatment at the workplace.  Their needs are rarely considered, and the state of infrastructures in most workplaces does not suit certain disability conditions.
  • They have little or no knowledge about their working rights.
  • They experience difficulty in seeking reasonable comfort in their workplace.
  • Lack of functional facilities to aid effective and easier work.
  • Lack of support from other staff or in payments (reduction in disability support payment or none).

Furthermore, employers continue to increase those barriers through regulations. Employees are burdened by these regulations, which cover almost all aspects of their lives (health, security, taxes, leave, insurance, retirement, etc.)

Although Australia’s employment records may be impressive, the government must seek to improve on welfare benefits. A study reveals that 33% of the 2.6 million working population live on disability support pensions, and 20% of them are lone supporting parents who depend solely on welfare benefits. At Family First, we believe that work should be carried out under safe conditions.