Establishing Strong Families

Family is the basic and smallest unit of society. A community is made up of a group of families. A family could be large or small, nuclear or extended, or even polygamous. What matters is what it makes of a community.

The role of the family in any society cannot be over-emphasised. It tells the kind of societies they live in. Hence, corrupt individuals constitute a corrupt society, and bad people make up a bad community. Bad people in society are part of certain families, and the majority of factors that influence bad behaviour is attributed to poor upbringing and lack of home manners.

It is unlikely that a well-brought-up person in a loving, sweet, and functional family would threaten his nation’s security. Therefore, a family is often regarded as the foundation of any society. We are shaped by our families’ ideologies, although subject to change in the future given other factors and experiences.

This is the sole goal of Family First! We believe that the strength of a nation lies in the strength of its people. A country’s economic rate is measured by the standard of living of local families. Therefore, a family can be defined as a measurement of a country’s strength, weakness, and prosperity level. Hence, our motto tells strong families, strong values, and ultimately strong Australia.

It is important to note that values must be incorporated into the family culture. Family nurtures you to differentiate right from wrong, help others in society, build your personality and self-esteem, and appreciate yourself. When children are taught to be truthful, honest, accountable, transparent, truthful to themselves, not selfish at a tender age, there is a greater chance that they would live by it in their adult years.

Research has shown that broken homes can rarely produce upright citizens. A broken home interferes with the normal development process of a child. Children of broken homes suffer from cognitive disorientation, psychological and emotional abuse, physical abuse, and often lack good educational training.

It also affects social interaction and may cause a child to take up an elderly role prematurely. They often end up as agents of social vices, irresponsible youths, and liabilities when they are all grown up. Therefore, Family First advocates that rather than the government carting away funds or spending extravagantly, families should be cared for.

The government can show concerns for families in the following ways:

  • Engaging in tax deductions and exemptions.
  • Improving the conditions of infrastructures in the environment.
  • Establishing child care institutions.
  • Providing free education at least at the basic levels.
  • Encourage peaceful co-existence among family through enlightenment programs.
  • Discouraging divorces through stringent laws.
  • Creating an inclusive social welfare system.

While we regard children as the future of tomorrow, we should take responsibility for their well-being. Many of our children and youths are under the influence of hard drugs and do not possess any of the values capable of improving the nation’s conditions. Family can be the simplest unit of society, but its influence on a nation or country is overwhelming.