Fight Poverty

Fighting Poverty in Australia

As an organisation committed to bettering society through the family unit, we fight poverty, which is one of the hindrances to achieving our goals. A larger part of the world is plagued by hunger and diseases, and you can observe a quick decline in the standard of living of people as the century progresses. A lot of people only make enough money to last them for a day. Still, some families have accepted their poverty situation and regard it as a form of inheritance passed from generation to generation.

At Family First, we reach out to these set of people and do our best in advocating for the alleviation of poverty and extension of rights to the poor to improve their standard of living. We find means by which the poor could create jobs for themselves and change their living condition through sustainable means and skills.

We recognise the following as the causes of poverty and have formulated policies in response to them. The major causes of poverty are:

Unequal Income Distribution

The result is that the rich become richer and leave the poor to their poor state. It denies the poor access to basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter.

Poor Educational Training

We consider education as a great tool for combating poverty and an instrument for helping people turn situations around. Therefore, we encourage everyone to play their part in promoting good education.

Lack of Good Employment

Everyone knows that people must work to earn money. It has been this way since forever. Also, hard jobs do not necessarily bring much money. You probably have witnessed over the years that the hardest jobs pay the less. Most people earned less than $2 daily or just enough to live one more day. This is sometimes associated with a person’s level of education or skillfulness.

Aftermath of War

War only results in setbacks. Due to wars, the community experiences loss of properties, lives, and jobs. Also, most foreign investors are discouraged as a result of uncertainty and instability.

Natural Disasters Caused by Climate Change

Many would agree that recovering from natural disasters is equal to finding one’s foot after a war. Many families become displaced or homeless due to floods, and famine causes prices of goods to skyrocket, thereby affecting the usual standard of living.

Lack of Infrastructures

Infrastructures are amenities that make life easier to run. They affect the quality of jobs as well as the level of efficiency at work. This is also complemented by a poor health care system and lack of intervention programs.

Our policies are formulated in response to the causes of poverty, and they include:

Provision of Free Education

Everyone must understand that education is a great asset to break a cycle of poverty. The sooner people realise that, the better. Family First encourages initiatives that offer free education to the poor and less privileged worldwide by providing support and promoting them.

Promotion of Foreign Aid Programs

These programs come through with many projects carried out in respect of the health sector, education and infrastructures.

Promotion of Capacity Building Policies and Programs

This enables people to gain employment to sufficiently provide for themselves and their families. These programs include skills acquisition, literacy programs, and entrepreneurial skills.

Other relevant policies include:

  • Encouraging programs that provide job security and social support for people due for retirement.
  • Setting a reduction in housing costs in Australia.